Friday night we met up at Bon Chon in Sunnyvale, but the wait was well over an hour and a half.  The food was good, but certainly not worth that long of a wait.  One of the most annoying parts is that the group ahead of us was just talking at the table for 20 minutes after they had payed, and we were all soooo hungry.  After food we went back to George’s place and played some of the You don’t know Jack game pack.  I really enjoy the Drawful game, but got the strangest phrase I’ve seen yet, ‘Counting Crows Guy Farts Arrows.’  How is one supposed to draw something like that?  The night was pretty calm overall, and Steph was at the Beachhead house party for all of those who had lived at Beachhead at some point.  I caught a Lyft home and got right to sleep since I was pretty tired.