We went to Sonoma with Kevin, Andrew, Debby, and Lindsay.  It was a great time staying at the Airbnb that Lindsay got, and we had a delicious dessert for the end of the hunger challenge.  It was the brownie in a box, and cinnamon cake in a box that I added an egg to and baked.  It was pretty tasty.  We then played some Scattergories and some Presidents.  I wasn’t doing too well at either, but got really lucky on the Presidents and ended as VP.

The next day We went to get Mani-Pedi’s  The guys enjoyed it, and played MTG while waiting to start.


We also got brunch with Adam and Brian. wpid-20150919_103553.jpg wpid-20150919_103547.jpg

The wedding itself was a ton of fun, and they had great music, great food, good drinks, and a Philz coffee truck.  We danced a ton, and had a great time doing it.IMG_4317IMG_4310IMG_4326

The next day we had brunch again, but in downtown Sonoma, then went to the Larson Family Winery.  The ladies got tastings, while the gentlemen were still recovering from the previous night.  wpid-20150920_134609.jpg

When we got back we had dinner with Roy and our newest roommate, Jimena.

All in all a fantastic weekend.