I did a surprise birthday weekend for Steph, we left early on Friday morning, and made it our first stop around 10am.  The guy we were meeting was about 30 minutes late, but it wasn’t a big deal.   We went horseback riding at Salinas River State Beach.  It was an amazing ride.  There were some whales right off the coast that we noticed because of all the whale watching boats around them.  They were tail slapping which was cool to see.  We rode through the dunes for the first third of it, then up and down the beach for the rest.

wpid-20150912_113019.jpg wpid-20150912_113256.jpg

After that we went to a little restaurant in Pacific Grove called Julia’s.  The food there was absolutely amazing.  They had a garlic, red onion, and blue cheese pizza.  It was probably the best pizza I’ve had.  The strong flavors worked really well together.

We then went to the Lone Oak Lodge to check in and Steph got a good nap.  We then went to the Bamboo Reef because Steph had forgotten her thermals, and she rented some there.  We took a short walk to the next planned stop, which was Monterey Day Spa.  We got an amazing couples massage there.  We wandered along Cannery Row until we got to our next stop, Bistro Moulin.  This is one of Steph’s favorite restaurants, especially for the gnocchi.  It was tasty as ever, and the duck I got was phenomenal.

We then dropped down to Breakwater and went on a fun night dive.  It was pretty obvious that we were both a bit rusty.  The dive went really well though with a bunch of octopi out and about.  There were also a lot of huge sheep’s head crabs actually active since it was night.  We also saw some purple crabs that looked like they were hugging (probably mating) and another one that had a huge clutch of eggs.

We retired for the night after that, since we didn’t get back to the hotel until around 11pm.  In the morning we went to the last stop, Point Lobos.  This was a great dive as well.  There was a juvenile harbor seal that was following us around, and was playing with Steph’s legs (although she didn’t realize it).  There were also a lot of jellyfish on that dive, of several different types.  We walked around a little, since we hadn’t seen the park above the water before.