We had a pretty good time in Atlanta when we went to visit family.

We got the late night Friday flight and got into Atlanta around 7am.  We went over to my parents house for a nice breakfast, after which we headed downtown to the Dragon Con parade.  It was decent, but not as good as the previous time I had seen it, which was probably 4 years prior.  We then went to Jeff’s and Steph got a much needed nap.  Jeff and I went to pick up some fruit and tried to find some dry ice for an experiment I wanted to run, but we couldn’t find any at the Safeway near his house.  We eventually found some at Publix, just a little further away.  We got the fruit and dry ice set up, and then hung out until Steph woke up.  At that point we went to the Mexican restaurant nearby Jeff’s place and were joined by The rest of the family.  We didn’t really do anything that night.  The next morning, I went to church with mom and dad.   The new pastor was there and he gave a sermon on the amazing powers of Jesus to heal the blind and deaf.  I thought about how amazing modern medicine was to heal the blind and deaf.  Steph and I went over to the Botanical Gardens after I got back from my parent’s place.  It was a really nice walk around the gardens and the orchids there are gorgeous.  I really liked seeing the nature lady in her full glory, since last time I’d seen her it was winter.


We went to my parents for dinner, and got a bunch of delicious food.  Jeff grilled up some steak, and we tried the fruit, but it wasn’t particularly carbonated.  After dinner we stopped by Publix to get some more dry ice.  We put the fruits in the containers with the dry ice and this time they did well.  The next morning we went to Birmingham with my parents.  Fred was having an 81st birthday party for Nana, and we joined him.  Tila, Coleman, Karin, Brenda, Rodger, Cindy, Ben, Jacob, and Adriane were also there.  It was a really nice time, and Steph was able to show off the diving and robot.  I was glad I got to see everyone, as the age is starting to show for pretty much everyone but Fred.  We went back to Atlanta and worked from home the next day.  The flight back was late, but otherwise uneventful.