Steph and I went to Kevin’s Birthday party and had a great time.  The party was at K1 go cart racing.  We got the package with 4 races, and managed to have a good time with few major crashes.  Lindsay won the first race, with me getting a comfortable second.  I won the second race by hanging back, and then taking a few really quick laps.  The second and third races were determined by fastest lap.  I got second in the third race to Andrew.

The final race was the main event, and this one was a true race, not a time trial.  Andrew started in the lead since he had the fastest lap.  I was second, and Steph was third.  We started the race, and Andrew got a few laps without me being able to pass.  Steph lost her third due to her cart not starting properly.  I got a pass on the tight turn on Andrew, and the lap after that he spun out behind me, giving me a comfortable lead.  Debby slowed me down on that same turn and George caught up.  Steph had fought her way back to the third place spot, but couldn’t get past George for the last few laps.  I managed to hold onto the lead, and got the win.

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We then went to dinner at Mango Garden, and it was delicious.  I especially liked the hot and spicy tofu.  We of course had to get the roti with the peanut sauce, and I got a Thai ice tea.

We then headed back to Lindsay’s place and played some Poker.  Debby brought over a delicious ice cream cake, and we all had a slice.


I didn’t do too well, and there were a few hands where I got a really good hand, but Andrew got a slightly better one.  The worst was me hitting an ace high flush on the river, but Andrew getting his full house on the same card.  Luckily at that point I was short stacked.  Debby was kind enough to drop me off at home.