This series was pretty good.  I really liked the magic system, and most of the characters.  At some points the magic system got a little mixed up to be convenient for the plot, but most of the time it was straightforward.  There was the common issue of things that are learned and used to great effect in previous books aren’t always used again when the situation calls for it.  This book was better than most about that, but still had it in a few places, mainly when dealing with the fairy.  The were two other big issues I had with the book.  First the main character lives were valued so much more highly than the common man, despite them valuing the ‘old law’ which should have had everyone more or less equal.  Second, there was what seemed to be a false dichotomy of evil people and good people, where the good people could do no wrong, and the evil people could do no good.  The only somewhat in between character had his evil doing explained away with grief, so it was really evil, just misguided.

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