We went to the lost colony (Andrew’s place) and played some MTG on Saturday.  Lindsay was kind enough to give me a ride, and we had a great time.  In the draft I got lucky with my color choices and nearly got two colors to myself.  I did some silly things in the draft, but it was pretty good despite not being on my A game.  I ended up losing to Andrew and Kevin, but not by all that much.  I was able to get some good combos going, but I couldn’t get a good finisher.  The best cards I had would get out, and then there would be a good counter from the other side.

After MTG we started cooking for the bbq, and I cleared up the MTG.  It was really good food, and some types of food that I hadn’t had before, like a grilled tofu in a tahini based sauce.  It was all really tasty, especially the burger.  I decided to head back with Steph instead of staying to play poker.  She’d been having a rough couple days, so I thought some time with her would be good.