Steph had a great surprise for me this past weekend.  She did another great birthday surprise like she did last year with the great trip to the cave.  This year she took me to the American River and we did a rafting trip to the South Fork.  We had a great time, and I was surprised when we got there.  My best guess was sea kayaking, and the whitewater rafting was so much better than that.  We got there early since there was not traffic, and stopped by McDonalds for breakfast.  We got in a raft with another couple and had the fewest people in the raft.  We also had the coolest guide.  I decided to jump into the first rapids that were swimmable, and it was really really cold.  Since it was pretty early in the season this was really early snow melt, at about 50 degrees.  I’ve been in water that temp many times before, but it usually involves a wetsuit.  We were able to make it through all the rapids with no issues, and the area around there was absolutely gorgeous.  We were both really tired at the end of the day.  We got back home pretty late and we decided to makes some misir wot and go to sleep.