We played a good round of Poker at Andrew’s on Saturday night with Lindsay, Adam, Kevin, and Debby.  Steph joined us for dinner, but didn’t want to hang around after that.  The food was decent, but not great.  The ma po tofu was the most disappointing part of the dinner.  We had a great time, and I won a lot.  I was making some really bold moves, and got some amazing hands.  Adam was nice enough to take me home.

The next day I joined Andrew and Adam for brunch.  It was pretty tasty and very filling.  We then went back to Andrew’s place and met up with Lindsay and Kevin there.  We played a bit of magic (dragons), where I did ok, but not great.  I had a few amazing plays, but not enough that I could win. Kevin had a really fast deck, and he ended up winning the day.  We decided to do dinner at Tasty Indian Pizza, and it was pretty tasty.  We were hoping for something like tikka masala sauce on pizza, but it was a bit less Indian than that.  We then went over to a place nearby for watching Game of Thrones, and boy was it a good episode.