Steph and I went to Rooster T. Feathers this Friday with Liana and Ryan.  We had a pretty good time seeing Paco Romane.  He was the Feature act, the one in the middle, and he was hillarious.  I really enjoyed the entirety of his stand up.  The host, David Nguyen, was pretty good, but he made some jokes that were not very funny.  I think he was trying to hard to touch on sensitive subjects, and doing it in a bad way.  The headliner, Brandon T. Jackson, was funny, but in a way that Steph and I had a hard time relating to the humor.  Liana and Ryan seemed to love it, and we hope to do it again with them.  The downside of the evening was Steph leaving her phone at the club and someone picking it up before we could get back there to pick it up.  She had a bit of a freak out, but she calmed down and got a new one the next day.