I have moved to a new place in Mountain View with the lovely Stephanie.  We decided to get a place together, and it went pretty quickly after that.  We went to several places and decided on the current one because of the location, the people we knew there, and that it is just really nice.

We did two rounds of interviews for roommates that turned up two really cool guys, Ray and Mohsin.  There were a good number of other people that would have been fun to live with, but we got our top two picks.

I moved all of my stuff in the day the lease started, and got some help from Steph for it.  I’m still organizing things, but that is nearly done.

We’ve been using the hot tub some, even though it isn’t really all that hot.  We’ve met some of the neighbors and they are nice.  Steph still needs to get her stuff moved in, which is planned for the 28th.

We went to lunch with Steph’s parents and went to Habitat for Humanity Restore, where Steph’s dad volunteers.  They had all sorts of furniture and appliances.  We ended up getting a sofa and a dining room table.  Both items were very high quality and we spent about $500 total for them.  I helped Steph’s dad pick up a large Christmas tree, and he helped us move in the furniture.  I was worn out by the end of moving everything, so I can only imagine how tired he must have been.

The cats are getting used to the space, and have found a couple places to hide that we have had trouble figuring out.  The best one was under the yoga mat in my closet.  They also really love the new cat tree I got for them, and the much better views out the windows.

I’ll put some pictures up once I take them.