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Saturday morning Steph and I got up early to head to the airport.  We were heading to Las Vegas to join a large group of people who knew each other in interesting ways.  I drove since it was early, and we got to the airport in plenty of time.  Once we got to Las Vegas It was time for lunch.  We started by meeting up with Kevin and Lindsay, who were having brunch with Andrew and Debby so we could pick up our keys.  We then head up to the room and I got all dressed up.  Steph also had a lovely top, and classy jacket.  We went to the Chihuly glass exhibit at Aria, then we went to a photo gallery nearby.  We then went to the Faberge Egg exhibit at the Bellagio and noticed some silly animatronic goats that had been placed for Chinese New Year.  There was a large amount of decorations everywhere for Chinese New Year, and almost nothing for Valentines.

We decided to head over to the Mandarin Oriental a little early for High Tea.  It was a very nice experience, and the view was spectacular.  It was the perfect thing for a Valentines day.  After that we spent a little time with the others over a delicious dinner before heading to the LOVE show by Cirque du Soleil.  It was quite good, and had a ton of references to British history, the Beatles lyrics, and greater history.   There were so many I’m sure I missed a good many, but I did pick up a number that the others didn’t.  I really enjoyed the show.

We got back to Aria and drank a bit in the lobby bar, where it was possible to hear each other.  We had some great conversation and called it pretty early for Vegas.

The next day we got a delicious brunch at the Venetian, and then went back to the Aria where we hung out a bit.  We went to the hot tub with Debby and Andrew, after which we went to hang out with Alana and Haru.  We chatted with them for hours, and even stayed past check out.  We managed to get back into the room, then headed out to the airport for the flight home.