I was hosting last night for games, still at Beachhead, and it ended up being the latest games night in a very long time.  It started out with Iliya stopping by and hanging out for a bit.  He brought beer and chatted about immigration stories.  Once 8:30 rolled around Chris showed up and Jeff and I joined him in a game of Blood Bowl.  It was a hilarious game, and I got out to a quick start.   I wasn’t in as many of the matches so I ended up winning most of the ones I was in.  The final round they caught up some, but it wasn’t quite enough.

After we wrapped that up we played Dungeon Quest (aka Fall in a Pit and Die).  The game is very unforgiving, there isn’t much choice involved, and you can die immediately and unexpectedly.  The game revolves around luck mitigation, which is achieved primarily by drawing for a large number of decks depending on what you are trying to do.  We ended up playing three rounds of this with Adam joining for the second two rounds.  We had a great time, with everyone dying the first and second games, with myself making it out with a good deal of treasure on the third game.  Adam also made it out on the third game, but he left with a small amount of treasure.  I got insanely lucky on many draws on that third game, with doors opening for me, rooms being empty, and the dragon not waking up.  I even had some time to spare, and a potion to get more when I exited.  Jeff got caught by the dragon, and Chris died in a trap on that last go around.