Kevin, Andrew, Adam, and I did a draft of Conspiracy, which went really well for me.  I was able to get a few hidden heavy hitters, and that made it possible for me to hide my strength, and then get a killer blow.  I had a 19/19 that I could make unblockable.  The second game didn’t go as well for me since Kevin was wise to my machinations and decided to take me out early.  He got me pretty weak, but then I got the same beast in at an even higher power, and crushed him in one swoop.  I was taken out quickly after that, so no luck on winning the second game.  Kevin had to go shortly after that, and we were able to get a decent three way matchup with M15.  It was either a rock paper scissors or Andrew won it all.  I don’t quite recall.  I really enjoyed the deck I built up that game, but it didn’t ever hit really well.  I was always in a moderately good but not great draw position.