Steph and I slept in Christmas day and when we got up cooked a large amount of Tom Yom.  It was a particularly tasty batch, and we took that over to her uncle’s house for Christmas Lunch.  It was a decent group of about 12 people.  I enjoyed showing off our trip videos to Jeff and Patty.  We chatted about the Paint Nite gift I got for Steph and they really loved the idea.  They have been going hiking lately and taking along RC trucks to go through and off the trails.  The RC they got are pretty serious vehicles.  I would love to go with them and do that, but I’d probably take a quadcopter.  Shortly after that the babies got active, and Steph and I checked out a bit.  We went back to Beachhead and hung out there the rest of the day watching documentaries and playing Dungeon of the Endless.

IMG_1980 IMG_1983