Out of all the adventures at Caves Branch this one was the most lack-luster.  The hike was pretty tough, with it being steep and muddy.  We made decent time, with only a few stops, and got to the rim of the sink hole.  I was the first one to get strapped in, and I got a good 5-10 minutes to look down into the hole from half hanging off the edge before they had Steph ready to go.  It was a great view of a fascinating cave system.  I wish we had time to go through the caves a bit more, although we were a little caved out at this point.  Steph and I were followed by two couples and a group of two guys that were on the hike with us.  A large group of people were behind them, but luckily we were in a separate group and could hike out without waiting.  The lunch was the typical tortillas, veggies, cheese, and meat.  The other women were concerned about doing the drop, but everyone enjoyed it when they were done.  The first video is Steph and I doing it, with the other videos being the other people in our group and some interesting things we saw at the bottom of the sink hole.