I got a Supershuttle to SFO and there wasn’t any complication in the flight.  I got to ATL and Jeff picked me up around midnight.  We headed back to his place.  The next day we went to our parents house and had a nice dinner.  It was Jeff’s birthday so we had a nice cake.  I got to meet Jeff’s girlfriend, and she was nice, cute, and smart.  Jeff and she seemed to get along really well.  The dinner was more or less meat.  There was a salad, but the primary food was chicken, pork, and beef.  There was also Red Lobster dinner rolls, that were delicious.  We also hiked up Stone Mountain, and it was cold at the top with a strong wind.  The view was fantastic.  We went shooting on Friday and I fired 2 dozen rounds.  We did 2 rounds of 5 shot competitions, with the first standing and the second kneeling.  I was barely better on both, with Jeff close behind.  Dad did the standing with us, and was way off.

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