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From our camping site at Barlow flats it was another 3 miles to the hot springs. We decided to not pack up and drag everything to the hot springs but instead took just day gear and left the rest at Barlow flats. The hike to the springs was gorgeous and the last bit was crossing over a stream several times. When we got there the springs only had one occupant and we chatted with him for a while.

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There are four pools, upper, middle, lower, and small. Other two hottest were the middle and small, then came the upper and then the lower. Flew spent most of our time in the middle pool, which could fit about 6 comfortably. An hour after we got there a group of 10 showed up and we chatted with them for a bit. Steph and I finished off the cider, and had a very relaxing time. More people started showing up as we left and the pools were pretty full by that time. The hike back wasn’t bad and we had a good dinner at camp.

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