Riley came over and we tried out the Oculus on Steph’s computer.  We first tried it on my PC laptop, but it wouldn’t work there.  Each time we tried to start it there would be a blue screen of death.  So on steph’s desktop we got it working, tried a few of the example situations, and then we got it to work with Halflife 2.  This didn’t go as well as expected, as many of the aspects of the game caused a sick feeling.  We couldn’t really go more than 5 minutes at a stretch without getting a little sick, and after a total of maybe 15 minutes we couldn’t take any more of it.  I really liked the experience, but I just couldn’t handle it.  The parts where you sit in one place and look around were really nice, and didn’t cause a sick feeling, but so many parts of the expected game experience didn’t work.  These include turning, jumping, crouching, falling, sitting, strafing, stairs, and just moving in general.  It will take a lot to get something like this to be mass market feasible.