I had a rough time today getting back from Seattle.  There are many ways I could have had it go better, but most of the bad things weren’t predictable or fixable.  I went to the airport in Seattle last night, and took a nap before heading in for my red eye flight.  The flight was delayed, and when we got on the plane there was an issue with the door so we had to get off.  A few hours later we got on the plane and headed to SFO.  I jumped on the sky train, then got on BART, then switched on BART, then waited 30 minutes for Caltrain.  Once I got back to Palo Alto I noticed the distinct lack of my bike in the racks.  The space where it should have been was flanked by a few lonely wheels locked to the bike racks.  I then hoisted my bags and hiked all the way back home.  Once I got there I again noticed the distinct lack of something, the hidy key.  Steph had moved it inside after Lindsay had taken care of the kitties.  Luckily she was nice enough to come by after lunch and give me the key that she still had.  I’m not sure exactly what I’ll be doing about the bike, but I’ll probably be buying used or from an outlet site.  I’m not going to hold out hope of finding it, as the bike isn’t fancy enough to be sold as a unit; it will most likely be parted out.

Candice was nice and picked me up for a trip to the Fremont GameKastle.  We got a group to try out the multiplayer app version, and got some really good feedback.  It worked really well, and they were able to understand it pretty quickly.