We had a six person game of seven wonders that I did really badly in.  I wasn’t able to get enough resources to do any of the good buildings or any of my wonders.  I was beaten on military by Jeff, and didn’t make any science.  The only thing that got me some points was the yellow buildings.

I did ok in acquire, but wasn’t a major role in the largest liquidation (a size 41 company) so the people who were part of that ended up winning.  I was close, but the stock sold out before I could get a larger interest.

I had the most fun playing a double game of Factory Fun, where Tina and I set two factories up next to each other and played with 20 machines.  It was great fun, we had Eric join us for half the game, and we scored midway through.  Tina ended up winning since I had 5 blue unused.  I did have an impressive orange corridor of 10 out to 10 in, all interconnected.  I’d be up for playing that again, or in some spare time making it an app.  This would probably be a single player app for simplicity, maybe becoming multiplayer at some point in the future.