Kevin, Andrew, Adam, and I played a draft of M15.  It was ok, but didn’t have the same kind of fun craziness that was in the Conspiracy set.  I got to use Jame’s card “Hot Soup” as part of my unblockable deck.  I also had other ways of giving unblockable, and it worked well with the deck once I got the green creatures in.  There was a fun green creature, Phitotitan.  I was albe to get that in and unblockable for one win.  There was also one card that won a game for me for giving a 5/5 creature on turn 2, Ensoul Artifact, that I put on Hot Soup.  I only won 3 of the 10 games I played, but I didn’t add the green until game 5.  After that I won 3 of 5.  The deck with mono blue just didn’t have the same finishing power.