I played a good number of games over the long weekend, starting with the usual thursday games night.  We played a game of New Era that Tina ran away with.  She had an amazing engine going that no one could catch up with.  She did what I would normally like to do, engine in the first two turns then points after that.

After that we played some Lords of Waterdeep and I got destroyed early by Jeff with three mandatory quests in a row.  Jeff lost the game, but he won in spirit since he was just being his chaotic self.

Another day we played Goblins Inc. with full table talk.  This is much better than the times when we didn’t have any table talk since you don’t have to worry about your partner doing something stupid or missing a good opportunity.  This rule has everyone at the table able to talk about everything, but it must be fully public talk.  This means that you can whisper and plan, but you can reason through some things.  I won this game by a lot, and it was a good bit of fun on top of that.  The strategy really came into account, and choosing cards really mattered in some cases.

We also played Vegas showdown, but a couple of the tiles I was relying on didn’t show up.  That made me fall behind and I wasn’t able to recover.  It was still a pretty good time.