On the weekend of June 28 and 29 we went camping in Norther California at Ahjamawi lava springs state park.  The park is only on one side of the lake, which is the opposite side from the entrance, so we kayaked to the camping site.  Steph used an amazing folding kayak that you can see her in here


Most of the area around the campsite was forrest, but there were a few fields.  Also as soon as you got away from the lake it turned into much more of a desert landscape.  There was a group that got a little lost on the way to the campsite and ended showing up at 10pm after paddling for 3 hours.  It only took us 1 hour 15 minutes going straight to the site, so they got way off track.


Steph and I decided to take a hike out on our own, and we learned it was a lot hotter and drier than the area near the lake made it seam.  We got out to a lava tube, that was disappointingly small, and it took us nearly 3 hours to do the hike.  On the way back we took a shortcut that went through a lot of poison oak patches, and we stripped down when we got to camp.  There was a nice spring nearby that we went and washed in, which felt really good.  The hike did have some interesting things to see like some pretty flowers and a tree that was completely destroyed by woodpeckers.


We decided to do a quick hike to a “historic mansion” that I expected meant run-down.  I was more correct than expected, with the house not only run down, but terribly infested.

IMG_1383   IMG_1374        IMG_1385 IMG_1386

It was a pretty good time all in all