Adam, Tina, Iliya, Brian, and I played some games.  We did a 5 person game of Tzolk’in, with the tribes included.  I was the group that started with 5 people instead of 3, but I lost due to inability to feed.  I did have a great time building 4 of the monuments, but it didn’t make up the point difference.  I’ll have to do a game where I spent the whole time trying to get the gods to love me.

After that we did a game that was based on poker, but it didn’t have the same dynamics.  The game was too readily meta-gamable and the meta game wasn’t much fun.  After a few hands we decided to call it a day.

Iliya and Brian left, so we had a game of 3 for Race for the Galaxy.  Tina had a great first game with a rebel build that turned out really well.  Then I had a phenomenal game in the second game scoring 91 points and getting 17 prestige.