We played a seven person game of Seven Wonders.  It was a game with Steph, Chris, Erik, Jeff, Cynthia, Iliya, and me.  I really like how this game is highly parallelized, but you still have interactions with other players.  The game went well for me, but not well enough.  I was going science and was able to get a lot of points there, but many of the science cards were in the same hands, so I wasn’t able to fill out as much as I would have liked.

Steph, Iliya, and I then broke off to do a three person game of Lords of Waterdeep.  We had a good time of it, and I was able to build 10 buildings.  Since I was the builder this made me win on the bonus points.  I did well even without that since I had so many buildings generating revenue for me via the other players using them.  I was able to complete a good many quests.