Stephanie was  amazing, and took me to a surprise event on Saturday for my birthday.  We went east into the valley and when we started getting close I saw the advertisements for the caves.  I was still excited to see if it was going to be the caves.  We got there and saw a map of the caverns, It went very deep and on top of that we got to repel through the ceiling!  I was scared when I came through the crack in the top, because it was 100 feet from the floor.  On the floor there was a “bone pile” that was made of hundreds of people who fell through the crack in the ceiling.  We continued down to the adventure tour.  The tiny cracks we crawled through in the adventure tour were just big enough to squeeze through.  The best part was the final climb up a chimney and then the slide down the cave wall.  I really enjoyed the trip and would love to do something like it again.

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