We played a good number of games Thursday, and I played all of mine with Chris and Jeff.  It went surprisingly well, and we didn’t get into too much analysis paralysis.  The first game I got out front with some really strategic plays and stayed there.  I was also able to get a massive last turn that put me way out front.  Chris got second by one point, just barely nudging out Jeff.

In dungeon dice, I was nice at one point and that came back to get me.  I should have just been mean and let them take damage, but oh well.  I enjoyed it, but it was a little short.  There wasn’t time to build up a character and enjoy the abilities, because the game only goes to 4 points.  It also doesn’t make sense to go past that since the monsters don’t get harder as your character gets better.  I like the mechanics, but it seemed to be missing something in depth.

As always I liked playing Gauntlet of Fools.  That is one game that never seems to get old.  We played two rounds with Paul winning the first, then Chris and I tied on the second.