Chris, Steph, Michael, Jeff, and I played a great game of Galaxy Trucker with all the expansions.  It was Steph’s first time with the last expansion, and Michael’s first time playing in general.  Michael got hopelessly lost and didn’t understand many of the special pieces.  I got some really bad penalties, but was able to overcome them in the second round.  The first round and the third round weren’t too good for me.  I couldn’t handle the pirates or the invaders in the third round, which made me all too vulnerable.  In the same pirate attack, Michael, Jeff, and I were taken out due to lack of people to fly the ship.  By that point I had already lost most everything.  I was using the flotilla, and it actually ended up being two separate ships.  I was a little surprised at that, but I suppose it has to happen every now and then.  Chris ended up winning by a lot, and Steph got a solid second.  I was well in third, but it wasn’t too bad, that was wholly due to dying in the third round.