Steph and I went to SF on Sunday to meet with lots of people.  The first group we met with was one of Steph’s friends from her robotics team.  We had a tasty lunch of east Asian style sandwiches and then went to the Asian art museum to see the exhibit on yoga.  The exhibit wasn’t what I was expecting as most of the history of yoga is a mix of Buddhism and Hinduism, without much in the way of taking care of the body.  Most of the history of yoga was in fact focused on acetic life, and not having a particularly well maintained body.   The body part of yoga came about from a westernization and reaction to scientific thought.  This was almost completely separate from the religious part of the practice.  The westernized yoga was then taken back to the west and westernized a second time to get what we would think of as yoga.  This big change was unexpected, and there was surprisingly little about why it changed.  I was a little disappointing at the lack of historical context given to most of the exhibits at the Asian Art Museum.  Most of the time there would be a sentence or two on the wall when entering a room, and a description of each item that amounted to “this is a vase from the Han dynasty.”  I was hoping for something more along the lines of a read documentary where it would say what things were used for, how they would be seen in daily life, what kind of person would have them, and so on.  I still enjoyed the time.

We then went to an ice cream place and met up with Jeremy.  This liquid nitrogen ice cream was from a small stand by a park, called Smitten.  It was tasty, but there wasn’t as much choice, and a much longer wait.

We then went to Nick’s place to watch some Game of Thrones.  It was nice to see Simon again, and I really enjoyed watching more Game of Thrones.  The story did a lot of re-introduction, but that is to be expected in a season opener.  I brought up the series over time breakdown of ratings, and we had fun pulling up different series, and seeing how they changed over time.  Breaking bad had by far the most impressive point, with a 10.0 on an episode with 48,000 votes.  Nothing else came close.