For board games night last night, I played against Tina and Steph in two rounds of Factory Fun!  Tina won both games, and I did pretty well in the second.  Since I’ve told Steph and Tina all my secrets of making fast decisions and knowing what you need I’m not winning all the time, and if I do it isn’t by nearly as much.  I then played a really interesting game of ‘We haven’t playtested this theme’ or something along those lines.  The game has lots of arbitrary rules of how you can lose, and the point is to play a lot of quick rounds where people lose over and over.  I then played Stone Age with Nick and Chris.  We changed the rules a bit so that the starving people strategy is much harder.  This meant that the tools strategy won.  I was the one who pulled off the tools strategy, and got all of the tool multipliers.  It was a pretty nice end to the day.