Thursday morning I took the kitties to the vet and got some bad news.  The kitties have fleas, Archer is getting badly overweight, and Lana has acne.  I ordered all the things I need to take care of these ailments and have taken large steps to work with most of them.  The iffiest part is whether or not the fleas have reproduced enough to cause a big issue at my house.  I don’t think so as the kitties didn’t have that many.  We are doing a very thorough cleaning and keeping the kitties on some medication.  Lana’s chin has the acne and it looked pretty bad, but once we cleaned it up it didn’t look too bad.  She has a decently bad case of it, but should clear up in a few weeks as long as we keep cleaning it.  I’m feeding the cats less, and they should be at a good weight in a couple months.  Archer was over 10lbs.  Lana is a much better 7.5 lbs.  Last week we also tried to take them to the baylands and have them walk around.  They didn’t care for it since the ground was wet and it was cold.  They climbed up on our shoulders, poor kitties.