We got back to long games day  half way through.  I hung around a bit and Steph went upstairs to work.  I came downstairs and caught people in the middle of a game of Formula D.  I joined in and helped Chris win.  We then broke out Dungeon Petz and played the expansion.  I did well, but not nearly as well as expected.  I really liked the expansion parts and used them judiciously.  There were a few that allowed more units, and I used that spot as much as possible.  Tina ended up winning with the exhibition as the main decider for her.  I didn’t get much out of my last few pets and that led to me getting second.  I don’t remember the order of Chris and Adam in the game.  I really liked the expansion and would be up for playing it again.  I won’t get in nearly as much analysis paralysis since I now know more about what each spot does.