I got up crazy early to make it to my flight; 5am in Atlanta = 2am in San Francisco.  When I got to the airport, instead of sleeping I got a good bit of work done.  I worked most of the flight as well.  When I got into SFO I was a little out of it and got on the tram before going to pick up my bag at baggage claim.  I went back to get it and was just in time for the Caltrain after making the connection through the SFO tram to BART to Caltrain.  I had forgotten that they would be on the holiday schedule, which turned out really well for me since I would have missed the train otherwise.  Steph picked me up at the Palo Alto station and we went back to my place to say hi to the kitties.  We then went over to her place to meet up with a group of people for a hangover brunch.