Jeff and Leslie came over around 11:15 Christmas morning and we started opening presents.  There were lots of great presents to go around, and I got some really nice ones.  Jeff game me a really nice messenger bag that has a battery in it for charging devices.  I got lots of the things I had asked for as well.  Kim got me a really nice fedora.  Mom and dad got me some books, socks, gloves, shoes, and other useful things.  We had a big dinner and the food was delicious.  Like any good holiday dinner there was way too much food and a good bit of leftovers for eating over the following days.  We played some Cards Against Humanity, since I had gotten the rest of the set for Jeff.  As expected Dad really liked the game, and Mom was appalled at some of the answers.  Mom still liked it more than expected.  After that, Jeff and Leslie left.  I then got my parents and Kim to play some of the games I had made.  They had some good feedback.