Steph and I went to dinner at Los Charros with Jeremy, Andrew, and Lindsay.  I biked there and it took about 50 minutes.  I nearly got hit by a guy that came flying off the interstate at about 70 mph onto a 35 mph road, right through the crosswalk that I was in.  Lindsay was a little late, so the rest of us all ordered beforehand and got the wet burritos.  They were absolutely massive, at least 50% larger than the average human stomach.  Being Americans and the burritos being delicious we promptly ate the entire thing.  After dinner we stopped by Tea Era for some boba.

We then went to Jeremy’s where they tested out some wine aerators.  I had a bit of trouble poring one of them as it splashed everywhere when going through the aerator.  We talked about all sorts of things and had a relaxing time.