I played this three times and did moderately well all of them.  I got second, third, third.  The first game had Jeff, Chris, Tina, Steph, and Nick.  Jeff and Chris left after the first game to play something else, but the others played two more rounds.  I tried a few different strategies, and they all turned out moderately.  I wasn’t able to get a win in any of the circumstances, mainly due to over-planning and not being able to come through on the original plan.  That left me out in the original plan working.  I would very much like to try again with a non-traditional play of trying to get lots of free buildings and a few other things.  This would mean not getting many resources early and relying on other stuff to come through.  The winners were Chris, Nick, and Steph.  Tina got frustrated when she relied on others to do things and we didn’t come through on them.

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