This was a very interesting book, and I especially like the mystery that they have around the Ringworld.  The approach of not having an advanced race still living on the advanced world I found to be what build up the mystery the most.  I like how the local lore and religions around the creators was built up, with a secondary race coming in to claim the Ringworld later.  The concept of Teela being bread for Luck seemed a little far fetched, but it made for an amusing plot device.  It reminded me a lot of Matt from Wheel of Time, such that if he was in a tough spot there would be a random occurrence which would give him exactly what was needed, for him or for the better of everyone.  I found the Kzin character to be a little underwhelming, and I was surprised his advantages weren’t used more.  The Puppetiers were also an interesting race, and I was surprised at the way they handled things.  There were some parts that they did things that wouldn’t be the safest thing to do, like every having the outsiders land on their home world, or go there.

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