We went down to the river, to a park by one of the ferry docks. It had a lot of people a stage set up and a great view of the river. We wandered through everything and saw a few parade float style boats tethered to the moorings along the park. Many of the krathongs that had been put in the water had already gone out, but it was still very pretty. We wandered past the ferry dock and decided not to head down to Wat Arun. We kept walking and got to one of the large bridges. We took the stairs up to a fantastic view of the river. From the bridge we could see nearly all the parade boats and a few places that had begun launching lanterns in mass. We Also saw a few places put out a couple of fireworks. We decoded to head back to the park where we got separated for a bit. There were a lot more people and the boat that was tethered had launched. We then got some snacky food and Steph launched a krathong. I got to see a burnt out lantern come down in the park and it was a rather peaceful sight. We walked over to Khaosan road and got some food. Then we decided it was time for a massage. Adam went to the hotel to read and the rest of us went to a massage parlor close by. They were able to get us in with Steph and I getting back massages with oil and the others getting foot massages. Both Steph and I had trouble with the giant pants and how they tied which was amusing. When we exited the massage parlor the lanterns were still going at a fast pace and it was very pretty to watch.
After that Steph and I went to the room and fell asleep.

I’ll post the pictures other people took here when I get them. My phone was dead that evening.