Jeremy, Nick, Steph and I went out to the muay Thai match at Paying Boxing Stadium. It was very fun. The first match was between two kids I would guess to be 10 to 12. The second match is where the good fights really started. There was a very in shape white guy against a heavy that guy. The white guy was much more disciplined and won the fight because he outlasted the Thai guy. The third match was the best. There were two really amazing Thai fighters that tested each other a lot. Once they had a feel for the other fighter things heated up. The blue corner was more aggressive but wild. The red corner was defensive and measured. The red corner guy was able to get a hard elbow to the fave on the blue corner and the blue corner guy went down hard. He was knocked out badly enough to need a stretcher out of the arena.
The only other memorable and mentionable fight was the super heavy weight fight. There was a tall black guy from america who had a huge afro against a big Thai guy with a third of his head shaved. The Thai guy was silly and fell on his way into the ring which dislodged his cup so there was a time out for cup adjustment. He was also super silly while fighting which threw off the black guy. When there was the opening the Thai guy cane in with a massive ouch nearly knocking the black guy out. The black guy made it back and finished the round. The next round the black guy took the Thai guy more seriously and got a great punch to the face to knock out the Thai guy. The Thai guy was out cold until they brought out the smelling salts.
It was a lot of fun to watch but I would never do a sport with that high a chance of severe head injury. I don’t mind the broken limbs but I can’t risk my brain.