Steph and I did 6 dives in the Similan Islands and each one was amazing.
Turtle Rock with Kuan. Kuan had been instructing for 20 years and had 6000+ dives. With the way he was diving I wouldn’t doubt it.  We didn’t see too much on the first dive because the area we were in was devmcently baren. We did get to see a white tip shark, which is rare from all the shark fishing that has been going on in southeast Asia.  We also got to see a small wreck called Atlantis X. But it want possible to swim through.
Elephant head with Kuan. Elephant Head Rock is a rock formation south of island 8. It was a lot of boulders to swim between with a strong current going through in some spots. It was fun to navigate the maze of boulders and the coral formations were nice. We got to see a moray eel on this dive.
Stone henge with Chris. This dive was a sunset dive and the formations around the point if the island were fantastic. There was one monolith on a hill that was incredible to swim up to and an even more amazing part was being able to see under it. The boulder was the size of a house and was balanced on two points.
Stone henge with Chris. We did another part of stone henge and saw more of the formations. On this dive we got to see some great big coral fans and disks. We saw the cutest clown fish family in their anemone house.
West of Eden with Chris. This dive turned into a drift dive even though it wasn’t supposed to be. We did get the best views on this dive including a moray swimming. The best part was the octopus couple. They didn’t like us being around so they put on a color changing show hoping we would go away. They were in the middle of some mating or territorial behavior. As we swam off I saw on chasing the other down a hole.
Anita’s reef with Chris. This was a large open expanse that had lots of coral pommes coming out of the sand. We saw some rays and lots of fish schools. Chris was shooing them away so he could see the corals at one point. There were fields of eels that looked like sea grass. They were about the color of the sand and would move in and out of holes they made. We also got Steph cleaned by a cleaner wrasse. She has a mosquito bite that isn’t doing well but the fish decided to help her out by cleaning it.

Off the tip of island 4 is the area called stone henge
Dive schedule for the boat