My phone had died by the time we got to dinner but the restaurant was beautiful. We had a great view of the river and were seated in probably the best place in the restaurant. Stephanie was mad at me for an unintentional terrible pun and disappointing her by not having dinner on a mountain. We tried to but the timing wasn’t working out and when she asked where we were going I said we were going to find a great view for dinner. The map had a place along the river where the host at fern paradise had pointed out as a place with nice restaurants labelled as a great view. When we got there the restaurant that we saw was “A Great View.” I must say that it lived up to its name.
We did our thing and filled the table with food. During dinner there were sporadic fireworks and paper lanterns coming from one spot just down the river. Once we had finished eating Amit and Tina stayed there and Steph went back to the hotel and fell asleep.  The rest of the guys went onwards to the night bazaar. The first thing we ran across was the source of fireworks and paper lanterns. There was a fireworks stand that was amazingly cheap and they had some great ones. There was a 16 mortar pack that Jeremy bought along with another mortar and a small hand mortar. Both Nick and I got large hand mortars that fired 5 each. In total we fired 31 large fireworks over the river. We moseyed our way over to the night bazaar to find it to be much like the night markets from bangkok. We walked through it and then took a cab back to the hotel.