We went to a massage palace that Steph looked up. I say palace because it looked like a palace and felt like one while you were there. Adam and I elected for the 1 hour food massage while the others got 2 hour full body massages. The massage felt absolutely amazing and the only one iffy on going back for more was Amit who said that it just wasn’t for him.
In the down time Adam and I walked through the close by red light district Soi Cowboy. This lived up to its reputation of being showy and not terribly seedy. I would be willing to go to a show there for the experience of it. Close to our hotel is the really seedy area Nana Plaza which I would be hesitant to walk through let alone go into a place there.
We grabbed drinks nearby Soi Cowboy at The Queen Victoria. It was like being in England. We chatted about fantasy novels and then went back to meet up with the others.