This time playing galaxy trucker I was thinking way too much when building and ended up going too slowly.  I got last place and didn’t finish my ship in two instances.  It was a little upsetting, but not too bad.  I had a good time playing the expansion stuff, and didn’t do too bad considering.  I went into the last round with only 5 crew, and a pirate came by that knocked out all 5.  It was an unfortunate turn of events, but those things happen.  Only 1 person made it to the end, and that made them win.  That person was also the only one not to take the amoeba on the second round.  Chris did really well, but even he hit an open space without an engine and died.  I really wanted to hit the open space early in the last round as I had 11 engine power without needing to use a battery.

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