Michael had a fun idea for a Halloween costume, and I went over to his place to help him out with it.  We set up in his front yard since it was such a nice day out and we didn’t want to get any paint on the inside of the house he is renting a room in.  I made a makeshift easel out of a cardboard box, and we used the middles of the folding science fair boards to make the pieces of the costume.

His idea was to be a Magic the Gathering card.  I did the layout for the back end and he started working on the front.  I was able to complete all the tricky layout parts before I needed to get going for meeting up with Steph and Candice.  He is going to be wearing the card parts like a sandwich board that one would see an end-of-the-world evangelist wearing on a street corner.  He will have a cutout in the front card that he can then slip up to his face.  I look forward to seeing the completed project.