Archer has been doing really well with the leash training and is wanting to go outside now.  It is really fun to take him around.  He won’t come in the direction I want him to yet, but he will stop going in a bad direction when I pull the leash and will choose a different route.  I’m having so much fun with walking him.  He isn’t doing too well on the toilet training as he hasn’t figure out how to perch on the edge and poop in the middle, instead he just goes next to the toilet.  This is annoying, but if I can be a little more vigilant about it I think I can get him to poop in the toilet more.  I know he’ll use it at this stage, as I’ve seen him doing it, just not consistently enough.

Lana is doing great on the toilet training and has figured out the perch on the edge and poop in the middle part.  She isn’t doing well with the leash training though.  This is more due to her not wanting to explore or be outside and not the leash being annoying.  I don’t think I can get her over the fear of being outside, and even if we can work through it, she will be harder to control in public spaces if things weren’t going great.  Archer is to the point that I can take him to the park and walk him around for a bit, I just need to get my backpack in a state that it can handle him, and he can handle it.

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