Last night Michael and I went over to Andrew’s place to join him and Adam in a small MTG draft.  It was a good bit of fun, and I always enjoy learning the new mechanics.  I had a really fun little deck based around the heroic ability.  Some of the combos I was able to play got pretty out of hand like 2 Phalanx Leaders and a Dauntless Onslaught or Triton Tactics.  The outcome of the draft was that I got a close second to Adam.  First round was Me vs. Michael (2:0) and Adam vs Andrew (2:1).  Second round was Adam vs. Me (2:1) and Andrew vs. Michael (2:?).  We did a third round of Me vs. Andrew (2:1) and Michael vs. Adam (2:1).  All in I think that means that Adam was the overall winner with me just behind, but it was nice to have a rock/paper/scissors kind of win base.  Adam’s removal cards were what really did me in, and I should have had a few counters since I was playing blue/white.