I rented a Uhaul yesterday and moved pretty much all my furniture to my new place.  I got all the major items set up there and it is feeling like a nice place to be.  I’m really liking my choice to move there, and am looking forward to having the automation system.  The x10 system will make it much nicer since I won’t need to turn each light on and off when walking in and going to bed.  The kitties got there and immediately got in trouble by getting back near the water heater.  I blocked that area off as well as I could and they haven’t gotten back there again so far.  I’m going to take the toilet training a little slower to let them get used to the new place, but so far they have been handling it perfectly.  They were playing and having a great time together, so I’m not worried about them adjusting well.  This upcoming weekend will be their first big test at being left alone for a whole day while I’m at the Beer and BBQ festival, but I think they will be just fine.  I’ll leave them a good bit extra so they won’t want for anything.