I just had a great time playing volleyball with Ryan, Steph, Nima, Caryn, and Amy.  I biked over and before starting we had some Stilton and Riesling.  That makes the last of the Riesling gone, I’m tempted to get some more but I’m also tempted to try a few others and see how I like them.  I’ll take a look on some of the wine rating sites and see what a good inexpensive Riesling is.   Ryan had to run, but the rest of us went to Chocolate garage afterwards.  I brought the rest of the Riesling and we finished it off there.  I got an interesting bar from Patrick, a 100% Grenada bar, and 2 by the company with the really nice flavors and the waxy paper covers.  I’m looking forward to having the vanilla one since I haven’t had it before.