Brian got a lot of a type of game called Diceland.  It is an interesting concept where the geometry of the pieces maters and they are rolled like dice onto the table.  They are all 8 sided dice shapes and have different stats based on what sides they are on.  When damaged the dice switch to a worse side.  It was a really interesting game, and I liked playing it a lot.  We played the Diceland: Space version and I had a few really powerful ships.  Brian had a fleet of small fighters.  Once he got the going they were decently strong, but I was able to destroy them all with a single blast from one of my stronger ships, so I ended up winning.  I’d be interested in playing it a good bit more.
We then played a short game called Times Square.  It reminded me a lot of the wedding game and seems like it could work well as a basis for the mechanics of the wedding game/cease fire.  I thought it could use a bit more depth, but it was decently balanced.  The whole thing was a game of frustration as you couldn’t do anything that the other player would then just completely undo.  He won the first round with Champaign Charlie and I won the second with Sue.
Nick and Candice showed up about then.  Candice brought Togos, and I had a decent chicken sub sandwich.  We played two rounds of Glory to Rome.  I didn’t do too well in either game, with Brian winning the first one via a building and Nick winning the second time through the Vault.

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